The Great Escape, Tomb Escape

Escape rooms have been all the rage for a few years now.... 
if you have ever wanted to try one but now don’t want to go out..... 
we can bring a portable one right to your business / school / pirate party.  
This escape room takes 15 minutes max time is great for 2-5 players at a time. 
Great team building idea for staff appreciation day.  
Takes up less then a 12x12 area and can be setup almost anywhere.

The Great Escape, Tomb Escape provides a portable, immersive experience for small teams to 
have a great time while working together to solve challenging puzzles. 
As the center of attention at any event, this exciting attraction is ideal 
for teens and adults of any age. The Great Escape, Tomb Escape is a perfect centerpiece for 
after prom gatherings, youth groups, day camps, college events, and corporate team-building events!

The steel frame structure assembles and tears down in minutes and the heavy-duty vinyl walls 
feature clever, adventure-themed graphics. The countdown clock, with default settings of 
15 minutes or 20 minutes, introduces sound effects and visual pressure - as the team races to 
solve the puzzle before it's too late. 

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The Great Escape, Mutiny on the Dutchman
Time is running out!
Am I Really Locked In The Escape Room?
No! If you need to leave the game at any moment, you are always able to step out at any time.
What To Expect
Is It Scary?
Nothing will be scary or horror-themed.

Is It Physically Demanding?
no special skills or agility are required.
What Happens If You Don’t Escape In Time?
If you don’t escape in time, that’s okay! While it is exciting to 
successfully complete a mission, escape rooms are still a blast for those 
who don’t make it out on their first try–it gives you a 
goal to work towards the next time you come and play!
Look At, In, And Under Everything
Keep Track Of Solved Puzzles And Used Clues!
An escape room, also known as an escape game, puzzle room or exit game,
 is a game in which a team of players discover clues, solve puzzles, 
and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms 
in order to accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time
What is a escape room?
Help Jack to figure out how to save Christmas
The Christmas Save