Plush animal rides will surely enhance your next party or event. 
These fun scooters allow your guest the opportunity to take rides on their favorite animal at your event! 
birthday parties, fairs, company picnics and all night grad parties! However, this ride isn’t just for kids, its fun for adults too.

Each motorized animal is rechargeable, even though it has a battery life of six to eight hours. 
Our electric riding animals are easy to operate as well, allowing you to choose 
the length of time per token, from one to nineteen minutes. You can also choose the music it plays from dozens of available songs. 
Each motorized plush animal scooter comes with an SD card slot allowing you to access your own music instead of using the 
pre-loaded tunes that come standard with each plush motorized toy. These ride-on animals are sure to enhance any party or 
business and create hours of memorable fun. 
First and foremost, RYDABLES are SAFE!! In fact, they classify as an ADA-compliant mobility scooter. (Fun Fact: And as such, they pass all TSA inspections and are protected under Federal regulations.

They hold up to 300 lb

No. All Rydables use non-marking, rubber, multi-terrain tires